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Get More from Your SAP Concur Solutions with Our Support Services

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An automated spend management solution saves your business time and money and provides essential peace of mind regarding compliance. The investment you’ve made in your SAP Concur solutions pays off daily but to be sure you’re getting the absolute best out of it, we offer a range of additional support services.

Choosing the most appropriate Expertise and Care package will help you gain more value from your spend management solution and continually strengthen your business performance.

Why Should You Consider Additional Support Services?

Before we delve into the services available, you might be asking why you need extra support. The answer is that SAP Concur is in the business of increasing efficiencies and freeing up employees to do the work they enjoy and that brings your organisation more value. It’s what all our solutions provide in various ways and our support network is no different.

When you need support or guidance, we will be there to assist you. It might be that:

  • The economic landscape is putting new financial demands on your business
  • A hybrid workforce requires new expense options
  • Your business is evolving quickly into new regions
  • You need to make some minor systems updates
  • You need to meet higher sustainability goals

As an administrator you might not have the time, expertise or bandwidth to handle these issues efficiently and effectively. With the three levels of support available, you’ll get a range of self-help resources, dedicated support teams and specialised services, enabling you to efficiently manage and resolve any issues you encounter. Let’s look at each one in turn.

The Basics: SAP Concur Essential Care

Post-deployment, all SAP Concur administrators receive  Essential Care, enabling them to find answers to common questions, troubleshoot issues and learn how to use different features of their solution.

It includes access to the online support portal, where you can chat to a Service Coordinator over the phone or on Chat. You’ll also have access to the comprehensive knowledge base, our thriving community forums and basic configuration updates.

Enhanced and Extended: SAP Concur Advanced Care

For those administrators looking for more personalised support, there’s Advanced Care which caters for more in-depth support queries and offers faster resolution times.

It includes all the features of Essential Care, along with a dedicated support team including an Advanced Care Consultant who will provide personalised assistance and guidance – via phone, email or chat – extended support hours, priority handling of support tickets and access to advanced technical resources.

Complex and Strategic: SAP Concur Select Care

This is the option you need to get the absolute best out of your solution. For users with complex configurations, larger user bases or strategic business requirement, Select Care is a proactive and consultative option.

It includes all the features of Essential Care and Advanced Care, along with personalised support from a designated Select Care Manager who has a deeper understanding of your business needs. Select Care also offers proactive monitoring, quarterly business reviews and access to exclusive events and training resources.

What Can Expertise and Care Do for Your Business?

Finastra, one of the world’s leading providers of financial software applications and marketplaces, implemented SAP Concur Advanced Care for additional support to keep their travel and expense processes healthy.

A designated Advanced Care Consultant from SAP Concur was selected to provide expertise and manage continuity across platforms.

 “Our consultant has done a spectacular job. We’re in a much better place, resolving our colleagues’ queries faster and more efficiently,” says Mauro Ruggiero, Director of Global Travel Management at Finastra.

“User satisfaction is increasing all the time. Finastra is constantly evolving, so we need to make sure our internal processes are agile and able respond quickly to changing requirements.”

What Other SAP Concur Support Options are Available?

In addition to the three Expertise and Care packages, SAP Concur offers enhanced services that help businesses keep on top of changing regulations, as well as providing support for end users 24/7, including Managed Rate Administration (for businesses on the professional edition of Concur Expense) and a User Support Desk.

Added onto your main care package, these services will help you optimise and streamline every corner of your spend management processes.

Three, Two, One: Maximised Spend Management

Whichever level of service you choose, you’ll gain recommendations and insight into best practice for efficiency, productivity, cost control and compliance.

Administrators will claw back precious time while being assured they have a trusted source of help and support when it’s needed.

As an organisation, you’re better equipped to streamline your operations and maximise the benefits of SAP Concur solutions.

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