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Capture Invoice Data

When invoices are sent to you it can be a time-consuming activity to administer them all, especially to get paper invoices input onto your system. We offer a range of different ways to enter invoices onto your system, considerably reducing your time and effort to perform this task.

Easy to Match Purchase Orders

Once your invoice data is input into your system, it is easy to match your purchase orders to these invoices. This helps you keep in tight control over your budgets, pay bills quicker and you don't pay for things without having first seen a purchase order.

Easy to Get Invoices Signed Off

With purchase orders and invoices matched in the system, you can quickly see which invoices can be authorised. Quick approval of spend means that it is quicker to pay your suppliers.

Insight into Your Spend

Analysing spend is essential to keeping on top of your cash flow. With our reporting capabilities you can turn invoice spend into meaningful business intelligence that helps you make decisions about your spend going forward.

Manage Your Invoices with Invoice Management from Concur

Our Invoice Management tool enables you to automate your supplier invoice process, allowing you to easily process and quickly pay these invoices. We give you the ability to:

  • Automate your entire invoice process
  • Automatically pay suppliers
  • Maximise and control your cash flow
  • Gain better visibility into employee spend
  • Have more effective decision-making information

Your suppliers also benefit from being able to track the progress of their invoices through the supplier portal - meaning less calls in to the finance team to chase their payment status.

Invoice Management Brochure

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Capture Your Invoice Data

Suppliers send you invoices in many different ways, from paper copies through to automated invoices from a supplier payment network. Our solution lets you capture your invoice data through:

  • E-invoicing
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning
  • Scan and Key
  • Supplier Payment Network
  • An Outsourced Service

Once invoice data has been uploaded to the system it is very easy to view, attach to purchase orders, approve and pay.

Control Your Spend

Did you really spend that? Some invoices can come as a bit of a surprise until they are matched up with the right purchase order.

Once our solution matches the invoice and PO it then highlights exceptions, making it easy for you to quickly see that you have a purchase order for every invoice, whilst also ensuring that you only spent what was planned.

Analyse Your Spend

Having control of your cash flow is critical to remaining profitable. Missing or delayed payments and unplanned spend can have a serious effect on your bottom-line, so getting better insight into your spend is vital.

Our solution lets you report on what you spent using our Business Intelligence service, which can provide you with a wide-range of customisable reports to give you 360-degree visibility into what you are spending.

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Approve Invoices on Your Smartphone

Are you always on the go? Our Invoice Management tool is available through Concur for smartphones, so you can conveniently track, review, approve or reject invoices on your mobile device.

Our mobile app is free, and is easy to download onto the following platforms:

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