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GBM is the leading Digital Solutions Provider in the GCC region with the largest portfolio of infrastructure, security and server solutions in the Middle East. With over a 1,500 employees they have been in existence since 1990. 

As part of their digital transformation, GBM looked at all of their legacy systems and one of the important areas of improvement they found was on their invoice and expense management system. They wanted a vendor that was cloud ready, prepared for the future and able to provide real time analytics that would help enhance their employee experience and enable their management and procurement become more cost effective.

Learn more in the GBM video customer story. 

"SAP Concur understood our pain points and adapted to our needs. A lot of other cloud based solutions don't offer you that flexibility" -  Feras Al Majed, VP Human Resources and Communications at GBM






Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Pakistan


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