How IT Leaders Can ‘Step Up’ to Lead Their Business Forward

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Top Three Insights on how IT Leaders can ‘Step Up’ to Lead Their Business Forward 
IT leaders want to help their organizations be more agile, resilient, and prepared for the future. When prioritizing strategic goals, IT leaders have their sights set on operational agility and functional efficiency, which are crucial to get right in an era of heightened uncertainty. But many are struggling to move beyond outdated infrastructure and old ways of working.  
Recent research from Oxford Economics* provides several insights that can help IT leaders step up to move business forward. Of these findings, we present the top three insights that can help IT leaders increase their business impact and collaboration with finance teams through business process automation and the digital transformation of manual processes: 
1. Manual processes hinder IT’s ability to balance day-to-day business needs and innovation. 
Nearly two-thirds of IT leaders say that the pandemic highlighted inefficient business processes. 
2. IT and finance teams need to collaborate better. 
Most IT leaders say it’s difficult to align with executive stakeholders with 62% of them struggling to align on long-term strategic planning 
3. IT needs a seat at the strategy table. 
IT leaders have plenty of potential impact in their departments, yet only 49% say their role will be more important in setting overall company strategy. 
Now is the time for IT leaders to step up and collaborate with finance teams to ensure they have the infrastructure in place to support emerging opportunities and future-proof for disruptions while strengthening their strategic importance within their business. See the infographic, How IT Leaders can ‘Step Up’ to Lead Their Business Forward to get the full details.