Top Considerations for Integrating SAP Concur Solutions

Selecting the right spend management solution for your company is about more than just evaluating features and benefits. Equally important is how that solution will integrate with your existing business systems.

Here are the top considerations you should keep in mind, whether you’re in IT, Finance, HR, or senior management.

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Which integration method is right for us?

The answer to this depends on your current business systems and data handling requirements. With SAP Concur, there are four main integration methods:

  1. On-Demand

The on-demand method allows you to log directly into your SAP Concur application to make a change. It’s not a fully integrated solution because it does require a manual resource to log into the make the change, but it is extremely convenient for companies with limited IT support.

  1. Secure FTP

With this method, a Secure FTP directory is provided for you to import and export data. Approved expense reports and invoices are then generated by the SAP Concur application through an overnight process.

  1. Web Services

With Web Services, you can leverage SAP Concur RESTful APIs to integrate your data with a middleware or in-house solution. The advantage of Web Services over the Secure FTP method is that you can run data updates multiple times throughout the day.

  1. Pre-built Connectors

Using a pre-built connector allows for a near real-time connection of data between SAP Concur and your other business systems. In addition to a wide range of connectors built by SAP Concur, you’ll also be able to use our App Centre to find hundreds of pre-built third-party connectors for the world’s leading business systems and apps.

Still not sure which method is right for you? Our Solution Integration Experts can also work with you to develop an integration process specific to your data handling requirements.



How will our data be protected?

Even the most seamless integration option is a non-starter if the spend management solution doesn’t continually meet or exceed international data security, privacy, and compliance standards. SAP Concur solutions are audited regularly for compliance with global standards of security and service management, so you can have the assurance that data confidentiality, integrity, and availability is always maintained.


Can we easily scale the solution in the future?

For any spend management solution to be of value beyond the day you integrate it into your business, it must also ensure future scalability. The SAP Concur platform includes a wide range of connected spend management solutions, tools and services guaranteed to meet your needs as you grow. You’ll also gain access to SAP’s growing ecosystem of over 21,000 connected partner solutions, apps, and tools for maximising your integration options.


Will the solution be reliable?

The proof is in our longstanding customer loyalty. Over 48,000 of the fastest growing and best-run companies in the world connect their financial systems to SAP Concur solutions every day. We’ve earned this trust by continually delivering:

  • Industry leading expense, travel, and invoice management solutions
  • Exceptional product reliability and performance backed by a knowledgeable support team
  • New technology, AI, and ML innovations
  • A rapidly growing ecosystem of partner products, apps, and connectors
  • Proactive customer support and a vibrant user community

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