Concur Expense Demo: Take a Self-Guided Tour

You asked – and we listened. One of the top requests we get from people interested in our solutions is the ability to try them out quickly and easily. We completely understand the desire to try something before you commit to it. That’s why we’ve created a self-guided Concur Expense demo so you can do exactly that.

Concur Expense Self-Guided Demo

Discover how to track expenses quickly and easily with our interactive experience.  


In this demo, we invite you to imagine that you’re traveling to a business conference where you’ll need to capture and submit all of your typical trip expenses, like travel, food, and lodging. You’ll step through the process of how to create an expense report, add expenses to it, and submit the report after it’s all set. Finally, you’ll see what it looks like for a manager to approve expenses from anywhere.

When you begin, the first thing you’ll see is how an Uber receipt is automatically added to your list of expenses. Our extensive system of supplier and app integrations – including popular hotel chains, car rental companies, and many airlines – make it possible to avoid tedious tasks like manually inputting these expenses, allowing you to take some of your time back for more important work.

As you continue, you’ll see how you can simply take a picture of your receipt, then have machine learning parse the details and instantly populate them in your Concur Expense account alongside your Uber charge. Once your hypothetical conference is over, you’ll move on to the submit phase of the demo. You can then create your expense report, add the prepopulated expenses, include details about the expenses and submit it for approval. Then once you’ve submitted it, your manager can approve it easily on-the-go with the SAP Concur mobile app.

The process is as simple as the demo makes it look. By automating your expenses, Concur Expense not only allows you and your colleagues save time, but also helps your business bring more control back into the process, ensure that spending remains compliant with policies, and offers budget managers greater visibility when it’s time to perform audits or evaluate the health of the business overall.

Try out the Concur Expense self-guided tour today to learn more about how it works and how it can help your business track expenses and simplify the reporting process.


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