Spending Simplified: Are You Prepared for the Busiest Expense Week?

As the end of the year draws closer, it’s a hectic time for employees who are battling to tie up loose ends before the Christmas break.

But all this activity generates expense claims that must be managed, paid and audited swiftly and seamlessly. And every December, many businesses experience the busiest expense week  – a stressful time for finance teams everywhere.

With so much paperwork coming through and so little time to manage it, manual processes just don’t cut it. Employees must be reimbursed quickly and in line with company policies. This puts pressure on legacy systems that are not designed to handle such busy periods.

It’s a time for automated, intelligent solutions that deliver accurate, timely and hassle-free expense management.

What is Concur Expense?

Concur Expense simplifies expense management using automation – and eliminates the errors, paper and procedures that accompany manual processes. Whether claiming, reviewing or auditing, every piece of expense data is captured, and every step is streamlined. This enables employees to be more productive and gives businesses more control.

How Does It Help the Finance Team?

Expense claims are linked to electronic and photographed receipts, so they know the data they are reviewing is accurate. Plus, with company policies built into the tool, they can be confident about compliance. And, as everything is managed in one place, you can pull reports and track spending in near real-time.

Ultimately, Concur Expense gives you a reliable, consolidated view of all the expenses across your business.

Reimburse employees faster; reduce processing time; enable better business decision-making; and stay in complete control of spend… even during the festive season! Now, is it too early for a mince pie?


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