They achieved a 90% cost reduction per expense claim. Their employee reimbursement time got quicker: from two months to six days!

Ericsson has been the telecommunications industry leader since the late 1800’s. With a presence in 175 countries and offices in 108 countries, Ericsson looked for an on-demand global solution that would reduce costs and universally meet the needs of its employees. After a brief pilot, Ericsson implemented Concur.

As a global expense management solution, Concur drives significant costs savings by centralizing and automating the processes. With Concur’s powerful reporting capabilities, Ericsson now has the ability to monitor the suppliers that employees frequently book. Plus, management can quickly analyse employee spend data to optimise supplier negotiations, spend management and fraud reduction.

“The most important thing for us was to have one standard global process. The second most important thing to us was to control costs and know how much we’re spending and analyze why we’re travelling. With Concur, we have all that.”

Ali Sadek, Global Travel and Expense Manager, Ericsson




Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden


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