South Africa Business Traveler Report 2021

Business travellers entering the post pandemic era overwhelmingly want to return to business travel, regardless of where in the world they work, company size, or their generation. They believe business will suffer if their company does not increase business travel in the next year, including concerns about being able to sign new deals or renew contracts with existing customers. However, in order to feel comfortable on the road, they expect increased flexibility from their company. Employers may now be moving into uncharted territory.

The report highlights survey results from South Africa business travellers to determine the best strategy to bridge the gap between the needs of today's corporate travellers and pre-pandemic travel norms.

  • 98% are willing to travel in the next 12 months.  
  • 87% worry that the inability to travel will hurt them personally and professionally.
  • 81% rank flexibility as the top driver for business travel.
  • 55% expect freedom to book direct flights.

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