EMEA Deep Dive: Simplify Fraud Automation with Concur Detect by Oversight | SAP Concur Fusion 2023

SAP Concur Fusion webinar

Research conducted by SAP Concur shows that an alarmingly large swathe of employees believe expense fraud of up to £110 is acceptable. By investing in tools that can smoothly integrate into your existing solutions, you can gain a consolidated view of spend. Learn how Concur Detect by Oversight leverages intelligent AI technology to uncover patterns of misuse and spot suspicious behaviour. This content is tailored to users in the EMEA region and provides a closer look into the solution.

Featured speakers:

  • Anthony Osmar, Solutions Consultant, SAP Concur
  • Julien Million-Rousseau, Senior Director, ISV Partners, EMEA, SAP Concur

Note: This session was originally presented at SAP Concur Fusion 2023 (Virtual Experience) on March 1-2, 2023. For more information about the event, please visit fusion.concur.com. Questions? Contact sapconcur_events@sap.com.