The Hidden Cost of Expense Fraud and Non-compliance

Expense fraud is a topic that can be as business critical as sensitive. Incorrect expense reports – with many happening due to error-prone processes and simple human error – have been an endemic part of business life for many years. While it’s important to understand that many faulty claims are raised unintentionally, businesses need to look at and recognise the factors that do make expense fraud more likely to happen – some of which are related to employee awareness and satisfaction.

This report provides you with research-based insights into the attitude of expense fraud, the risks that come along with it and the many challenges travel and finance managers face.

You will learn more about:

  • The amount of time and money companies invest in tackling expense fraud
  • Why expense fraud might be perceived as a question of fairness
  • The most widely spread ways to “optimise” an expense report
  • The role and perception of artificial intelligence

Download this report to discover how to stop losing revenue to expense fraud.