Masters of VAT: Helping Retailers Reclaim What They're Owed

vat retail

In this eBook, you'll discover the variety of ways that SAP Concur can support you in your journey to become a master of VAT.

Every industry has different VAT requirements and challenges. That’s why, at SAP Concur,  we tailor the services we provide to meet the unique needs of each client. Here’s why retail businesses rely on us:

  • Easy access for every employee: By giving employees a mobile travel and expense management tool, you can collate the accurate data required for VAT reclaim in real-time. Ideal when dealing with those seasonal peaks.
  • An international solution: SAP Concur can process receipts in multiple currencies and languages meaning wherever your employees travel, the tax can be reviewed and reclaimed as necessary.
  • All your data, all in one place: Ensure duplicate expenses and invoices aren't being paid by mistake. Aggregate data from all your locations to spot opportunities for VAT reclaim and negotiate more effectively with suppliers.

Crucially, we see VAT reclaim as an opportunity to reduce business costs and put money back in your budget. Read the eBook to learn more.