How Finance and IT can empower growth and employee experience

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Moving forward together: How Finance and IT can empower their business for growth and support employee experience  

The global pandemic transformed our personal and professional lives as we rapidly learned how to educate from home, navigate the remote workplace, buy goods and services without cash or personal contact using our phones, and connect with loved ones virtually. In response, businesses also had to digitally transform nearly everything about the way they work – especially when it comes to managing company finances.  

In times of disruption, business leaders turn to finance to confirm that cash flow is available to fund new initiatives, pivot to new opportunities, or simply keep the lights on. In turn, finance relies on IT to ensure it can leverage data and technology to improve spend visibility, gain control, and deliver more flexibility in business.  

While much of the recent digital transformation took place relatively overnight, now is the time to take a step back so that finance and IT put their best foot forward. Is there an opportunity for finance and IT to work better together? Are newly adopted technologies meeting the organization’s needs, or were they more of a quick fix?  

By evaluating the way finance and IT work together and the technology they have in place, both of your departments can collaborate and solidify the technology needed long term to meet customer and employee needs so you can move your business forward. Together, you can implement the processes and technology required to increase process efficiency, spend control, and transparency. Not only can a strong finance and IT partnership help improve the bottom line, but it will help improve the employee experience and better position your business for future growth.  

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