Create Business Agility with Transformational Leadership

93% of global executives agree that maintaining organisational agility is the only way to navigate uncertainty.  

As the saying goes, change is the only constant. You never know when a crisis will hit your business, be it supply chain disruptions, natural disasters, or a public relations nightmare. The ability to manage these constant changes requires adaptability and quick responses.  

Transformational leaders understand this and instill a culture of business agility. By moving quickly, transformational leaders allow their organisations and employees to thrive during periods of change.   

Business agility is an intentional business practice that transformational leaders champion.  

They see beyond immediate challenges and provide a vision for the future. They see the valuable contributions of every department, every team, and every employee and get them to buy into a shared vision.  

An emphasis on business agility requires a new leadership mindset that breaks traditional barriers and empowers employees in all corners of the organisation to innovate based on the issues they see.  

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