Building Tangible Sustainability Into Your Business

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No More Promises  

It’s been on the horizon for years, and many businesses were happy to keep it there: climate action. Sustainability was a part of business dialogue if not necessarily part of business strategy. It was a promise we could say we were still working on, and that seemed to work.  

Now, we’ve reached that horizon – a tipping point pushed forward by customers, employees, communities, regulators, investors, and increased commitments from other companies – and it’s time to turn our good intentions and promises into clear plans.  

This is a moment that calls for specific, tangible, repeatable action. It’s a moment that requires leaders to infuse corporate sustainability; corporate social responsibility; and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments into how business gets done. It’s time to keep our promises.  

We’re not the final word, so we gathered up some experts. 

We wanted to know what organizations like yours are doing to make sustainability a fundamental part of their business, and specifically, their travel and expense management. We talked to our customers, our partners and a few of our own SAP® Concur® team members to get a variety of perspectives on what’s working.  

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