10 Best Practices for Controlling Work-From-Home Costs

Remote work is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. It alleviates commutes, allows organizations to hire talented employees wherever they may live, and provides more flexibility and work-life balance. It also builds in redundancy and resiliency if a workplace isn’t available due to anticipated or unforeseen circumstances, from a renovation or broken air conditioning in summer, to a disaster like a fire or flood, to work-from-home mandates. 

 No matter how your work-from-home program developed, it’s advisable to take a step back and consider how it impacts your travel and expense policies. What can you do to improve the employee experience while ensuring your organization gets the data it needs to quickly adapt to change and stay in control of finances? 

In this guide, we’ve collected tips from our customers and inside experts on how to use SAP Concur solutions more effectively in this new work-from-home world and into the future.