Nexperia saves thousands of dollars per year with Concur Travel & Expense

More insights and fewer surprises for Nexperia’s management

They are in your fridge and maybe even in your car. The semiconductors from chip manufacturer, Nexperia, are found in almost all electronic devices around the world. To serve customers well, employees travel the globe. Nexperia— Concur’s longest-running customer in the Netherlands—realized more control over its expenses and travel costs with Concur Travel & Expense.

Nexperia is one of the largest chip producers in the world. This means of course that customers are located all over the world. So, Nexperia employees travel quite a bit. “Between 2,000 and 3,000 employees regularly declare expenses and travel costs,” says Alexander Noels, Corporate Enterprise Applications Manager at Nexperia. “We wanted to get a better grip on those costs some time ago.”

“And because we now work in a uniform way, we also have more control. We are able to intervene on time, so that the costs never rise again.”

Alexander Noels, Corporate Enterprise Applications Manager by Nexperia






Nijmegen, The Netherlands


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