SAP Concur Cures Travel and Expense Headaches for Arabian Health Care Supply Company - MENA

Concur provided the solutions that allowed AHCSC to stabilise and streamline its processes so employees could be reimbursed much more quickly.

A Slow, Hard-to-Manage Expense Process AHCSC’s paper-based expense process had been a headache for some time. All too often, original receipts and documentation got lost in the system and the
whole process was very slow and cumbersome.
The finance team had implemented several enhancements to the system, which had reduced the number of items that went missing, but there were still problems around the length of time it took to reimburse employees.
Depending on the size of the claim and the workload of the finance team, reimbursement could take anything from two days to six weeks. For Mr Khalid M.
Al Ghamdi, General Manager of AHCSC, this raised ethical concerns: “We don’t typically provide credit cards to employees so we were under pressure to reimburse them quickly because it was their own money they were spending.”

“Intelligence allows us to diagnose the problem and opens our eyes to what is needed. It’s given us much more control.” Mr Khalid M. Al Ghamdi, General Manager of AHCSC.


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