Oxfam GB

More control over budgets and employee spend. Plus improved mileage reporting.

Oxfam GB is a leading international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that delivers aid and development worldwide to help overcome poverty and suffering.Concur has enabled them to reduce the number of people that need to be involved in processing expenses. Plus, because Concur interfaces with the company’s financial software, it has also helped to reduce the workload of its back-office staff. Concur has given the company the tools to incorporate an expense policy to impose limits and enforce the policy for a variety of expense types, which allows Oxfam to meet their business needs as efficiently as possible.

Why Oxfam Prefers Concur:

  • More control over employee spend
  • Increased control over budgets
  • More accurate expense claims
  • Reduced paper output
  • Improved reporting and analysis
  • More accurate mileage reporting with multiple mileage rates and Google maps integration

“The conversion was a smooth transition, it wasn’t arduous, and we didn’t experience any major problems. The Concur user interface has a modern look and feel making it nicer for employees to use. Being able to account for our carbon footprint for day-today activities is very important to us at Oxfam”.

-Neil Yates, Corporate Systems Accountant, Oxfam GB




Oxford, UK


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