SAP runs Concur: How SAP took 88000 employees to the Cloud

In a global economy with an increasingly young and mobile workforce, there is no room for outdated, inefficient manual processes to manage travel and entertainment expenses.

That is why SAP with over 88,000 employees located in more than 65 countries over 740 million Euros in annual T&E started to deploy Concur Travel & Expense shortly after the acquisition. 

Watch our webinar where Ralph and Holger, two SAP Procurement leaders on how they moved SAP's T&E processes to the cloud, how they rolled it out across so many countries, their lessons learned and much more:

- Improved employee satisfaction through mobile app adoption.

- Reduced processing and reimbursement cycles.

- Increased visibility in spending trends.

- Managed different local / cultural requirements & policies.

- Managing a multi-country roll-out.

- See their vision for the future.