Infographic: Lost in Translation, Changing landscape, familiar challenges

In a changing landscape, managed corporate travel programs continue to deliver significant value, even as the Travel Manager’s role countinually evolves. Today, many programs have an impact beyond travel, helping companies manage risk, improve employee satisfaction and retention, ensure employee safety, and deliver on critical business objectives. GBTA conducted a survey of U.S.-based corporate Travel Managers to understand the challengeds and future of travel management.

  1. Travel manager’s role broadens – yet familiar tasks still consume a large amount of time.
  2. Invisible spend remains a problem. Only 20% use technology to capture outside bookings. 
  3. Traveler safety is a growing priority but some loopholes remain. 34% of Travel managers do not know how long it would take to confirm every employee’s safety in an emergency situation. 
  4. Travel managers value having control of the booking content they display.

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