Best-In-Class Spend Management Webinar Series - Part 2: Understanding Controls & Compliance

A best-in-class spend management programme should be defined based on metrics, processes, and performance. But is "best-in-class" a reasonable target, and how do you get there?

In this 3-Part Best-in-Class Spend Management webinar series, we will explore this topic in more detail and provide valuable insight into how to evaluate your spend management process focusing on key business outcomes, using our Value Pillars of Spend Governance, Controls and Compliance, Employee Experience, and Optimisation.

During the second session of the series, focused on Controls & Compliance, we will discuss:

  • Defining what best-in-class means for a spend management programme
  • A short summary of the value pillars whilst focusing on key business outcomes 
  • Determining and enforcing policy to reduce the risk for fraud and non-compliance
  • Improving safety and compliance for Duty of Care
  • Audit processes and policy compliance
  • Reducing your non-compliant cash spend and encouraging credit card adoption 
  • Optimising mileage spend 

Webinar series sessions:

  • Series Part 1 - Understanding Spend Governance *** Watch on-demand *** 
  • Series Part 3 - Employee Experience & Optimisation - 25 March 2021 ***Register Now***


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