PostNL Streamlines Expense Management with Concur® Expense and the SAP® Concur Mobile App.

Have you received a letter or package in the Netherlands? We’re willing to bet it was delivered by one of the over 20,000 delivery people employed by Koninklijke PostNL B.V. Until recently, the organization’s expense claims process was fragmented. It was partially automated and partially carried out using internal forms. Different processes were used for different cost categories. As a company that uses hypermodern IT solutions to help sort and deliver post as quickly as possible, PostNL believed the process could be simplified. Having launched a cloud-only strategy in 2013, the company decided to transfer its business to the Concur® Expense solution last year. All employees now submit their expense claims using the SAP® Concur mobile app – and they always have up-to-date information about the status of each request. Plus, expense claims – which used to be spread out over multiple departments – are now centrally managed by HR.






The Hague, NL


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